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BlueHive is an IdentityHive security product. IdentityHive has been in operation since 2011, with experience in a number of ASX200 companies developing and implementing identity and security products.

We founded BlueHive in 2021 in response to the plethora of security scanning tools made available that just aren’t built for use by the smallest of enterprises right up to the largest corporations.

Our solution is built with automation and cloud principles so that you can get to work with SecureScan in minutes.

Our collective decades of experience allow us to pinpoint exactly the kind of products to suit the needs of small and medium enterprises as well as the largest companies. Our decades of implementation have also informed how we go about building security products - low friction, automated, constant improvement.

Our Leadership

The BlueHive team has decades of experience in internet security, right across the Asia Pacific. Our team is ready to grow BlueHive to be the leading security solution for enterprises large and small with a flexible, low-friction, automated security solution, made forand in the cloud.

Swang Liao

Project Delivery and Operations Lead

Swang is the co-Founder of BlueHive, the Cybersecurity Software Company founded in 2021. Before establishing BlueHive, Swang held numerous senior roles in Brisbane, ranging from Telecommunication, IT consulting firm, Government, Banking and Financial Services.

Peter Anderson

Technology Advisor

Peter has been working in internet and enterprise security for over twenty years in various consultancy roles. Over the past five years, his work has increasingly been in cloud technology and automation. He has been consulting enterprises large and small on shifting to the cloud and has experience with the leading players - AWS, Azure and GCP.

Peter is advising on products and services, infrastructure, and product communications.

Consultancy areas

  • Product strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Partner strategy
  • Communications

Phillip Siu


A recognised business leader with acumen in innovative start-ups and corporate IT consulting.

As head of commercialisation at Identity Hive, Phillip leverages his start-up and technical experiences to help develop Blue Hive business development and partnership framework.

To understand more about Phillip, he has successfully developed a marketing innovation business with a global footprint across APAC, ASEAN, China, the US and EMEA.

A business leader and migrated from Hong Kong in the early 1980s. Having gone through the Australian schooling and tertiary education systems, attainting Master of Electrical Engineering for Artificial Intelligence, Phillip has substantial employment journeys within Australian corporations and achieved successful business ventures since 1997. Phillip has thorough technical and management background from Australian telecommunication, security and information technology, management consulting and sales enablement.

Phillip has a unique ability and passion for helping people create new opportunities within our competitive business marketplace. His energy and consistency are his trademarks and one of the key element of his success.

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