• Identify Vulnerabilities.
  • Tackle the threats.
  • Secure your business.

Environments where Blue Hive’s security lens operates

Surface Web

Leading Search Engines and Public Sources

96% of content on web

Deep Web

Data Base and Records

  • Academic
  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Government
  • Banking

Online Services / SAAS

Organization & Insights

Dark Web

PII data, Addresses, email addresses, contact numbers, bank account numbers, debit/credit card numbers, confidential filesand updates

BlueHive Threat Assessment Packages

BlueHive’s security lens not only tests for weaknesses in your online presence - whether it's in a data center or the public cloud - but it also dives into the dark corners of the web to find out if cyber criminals are talking about your business.

Hive1 inclusions*

For businesses with high SLA, compliances from systems to executives.
All Hive2 inclusions
Inside-out threat assessment with 100+ security checks
Full Access Assessment
Tailored research
Threat Intel feeds
Support during remediation
Pre-audit scans

Hive2 inclusions*

For businesses with online portals and systems
All Hive3 inclusions
Proactive darkweb monitoring
Realtime alerting on exposures
Weekly Threat reporting
Weekly darkweb feeds
Within the hour turnaround for critical findings

Hive3 inclusions*

For businesses with public websites and simple web applications
Surface, Deep and Darkweb coverage
Non-intrusive Outside in assessment
Includes MITRE and OWASP frameworks
Realtime alerts for critical findings

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